sept 242009

The title of the movie says it all, it is the story of the Masked Avenger Versus Ultra-Villain in the Lair of the Naked Bikini. Here is what it says on IMDB :

Masked Avenger is a hero to the modern world. He destroys his enemies with kung fu fighting, handsaws and guns, but with one small hang-up. At the sight of a woman, The Masked Avenger immediately begins to gratify himself, no matter what situation he is in. The evil Helmut Gunta plans to impregnante a virgin in order to have an heir, and the woman he has in mind is a nun, Sister Mary who happens to be the Masked Avenger’s sister. Gunta has a plan to stop The Masked Avenger from getting in the way… organise a gang of strippers to keep him pre-occupied until Sister Mary is pregnant.

I don’t know what kind of movie it really is, I do NOT advise you to watch it. It is directed by Mark Savage and written by, you guessed well, a japanese writer named Haruki Koto.

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