oct 102009

In the Movie « Step across the border » (1990) two forms of artistic expression, improvised music and cinema direct, are interrelated. I didn’t see the movie. All I know is this short extract. Strange, annoying (especially the alarm) but peaceful too. I Just thought about sharing it with you.

Documentaire sur le musicien Fred Frith, né en 1949 en Angleterre, avant-gardiste issu de la musique pop, toujours à la recherche de nouveaux sons, de nouvelles musiques qui transgressent les frontières et les classifications. Les réalisateurs ont filmé Fred Frith, ses collaborateurs et ses amis à Londres, New-York, Leipzig et au Japon.

Iva Bittová: violin, vocals
Pavel Fajt: accoustic guitar, vocals
Fred Frith: listens to

Recording: Hotel Room, Bern – march 1989

[Fred Firth]

[Iva Bittová] une actrice, chanteuse et violoniste tchèque.

[Pavel Fajt] Czech musician and composer, has been a fixture for more than fifteen years in the grey area where rock music and new music meet.

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