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I know, this song is old, this music vid has been online for a while and blah blah blah. Yes, but I had forgotten about it. And when I fell on it again during my watch on the Web, I said to myself : « What a wonderful vid ».

They have incorporated all the Youtube celebrities, popular faces and memes in one of the happiest mash-up of last year.  (Please, don’t tell me it was the year before, I’m feeling old today). And you may recognize some of them, but can you recognize all of them ? If you think you have a solid mème culture, watch the video above first, then go on…If you don’t, watch the videos below first, then go back up to appreciate.

They invited some of the greatest Youtube celebrities to join in the vid and the results is really funny. Some tried to spot all the memes and celebrities that are in the Pork and Beans music vid. And yes, you did think : « oh yes, I’ve watched this one, I remember. »

  • Here are some easy ones, you might have watched :

Numa Numa Guy

Dramatic Look

Afro Ninja (Why do you want to go on  after your faceplant ?)

Leave Britney Alone

Miss Teen USA (with subtiles)

Star Wars Kid

Evolution of Dance

Chocolate Rain (I’m always in apnea when I watch it)

Daft Hands

Daft Bodies

Sneezing Panda

Diet Coke and Mentos

  • Less easy, but you may have watched them, otherwise it wouldn’t be a mème..

T-Shirt World Record

Ryan vs. Dorkman

One Man Band (it’s so good to watch it again)

Crank That Soldier Boy

K-Fed’s PopoZao

Ask a Ninja

Peanut Butter Jelly Time (one of the oldest meme of the vid)

Will It Blend?

One-handed Rubik’s Cube

Charlie The Unicorn

Kelly Likes Shoes

All Your Base Are Belong To Us


And some of you who are good at this might say :

« Hey Président du Web, you’ve forgotten the Barenaked Ladies! They made a music video where they invited all the most famous Internet Mèmes one year before those f** Weezer copy cats thieves. »

Yes, I know, their song was even called Sound of your voice,  and here is the video :

If I have forgotten a mème for the Weezer music video Pork and Beans video list of mèmes, please add it in the comments.

And, by the way, where the hell is Matt ?

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