oct 192009

Dancing nicely is so easy that it makes sense to organise the 1st Ugly Dance World Cup. It took place in Hamburg in Germany earlier this month. On the video above, you can watch the winers, they are all very very good. Look at the dude in the black shirt at 0:50, or the one with the stripes all the way through the video. If you watch them individually, it is even funnier.

There were some French men too.

Oui, il y avait des français dans cette compét’, et ils n’étaient pas mauvais, mais ils n’ont même pas réussi à se hisser dans le top 10. Voici leur vidéo :

Now, those who had the third place were really good too. Here is their video. I really like the tall guy with the pink pantyhose. I really think that without him they wouldn’t have been in the top 10 ranking.

And now, the contestants from Afghanistan ! They are fun ! And I don’t know what is the music they found, but this song is great. I’ve never heard such a way of singing. They ended on the 8th place !

There is something Monty Pythonesque in their way of dancing ugly…

C’est trop facile de danser bien, c’est pourquoi il fallait inventer la coupe du monde de la danse moche.

[Ugly dance World Cup via Liberation]

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