nov 302009


Just some really astonishing pictures of the Washington Ballet which are compiled in a commemoration book called Wonderland. The creative directors are from the excellent design studio called The Design Army. And the pictures were shot by the photographer Cade martin. It is indeed an invitation to visit the world of Fairy tales. The book is limited to 2.000 copies only. Here are a few images, to give you a taste of it.







The Washington Ballet has seen a meteoric rise under the leadership of Artistic Director Septime Webre, with 2009 marking his 10th anniversary year. In recognition of this special date and in acknowledgment of all TWB has accomplished in the past decade, Design Army, and photographer Cade Martin have collaborated with the Ballet to create Wonderland, a commemorative book highlighting great works presented by the company. Wonderland also gives readers an intimate look at the TWB dancers, providing rare glimpses of life backstage, and hopefully, a better understanding of what it means to be a performing artist.

To buy the Book Wonderland, click here


[Washington Ballet Wonderland]

[Design Army]

[Cade Martin]

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