jan 172010


Au menu de la revue du Web de la semaine, des infos étranges, un site web physique, une phrase en exergue, des videos courtes et longues et même un bonus, à demain pour la chanson du lundi.

This Week’s Sunday’s Web Review is a little short but you will have some really good videos to watch and a bonus that should impress you, have fun.

  • Article de Presse/Press Articles

Saudi national posing as pilot breaches NAIA security [CBNNEWS]
Creating Hospitals from thin air [Discovery News]
A golden retriever stopped a mountain lion from attacking an 11-year-old boy [Dailymail]
New Sex Hormone Found—May Lead to Male Birth Control? [National Geographic]
Ecrire pour le Web en 2010 [Slideshare]

  • Website

Google Gravity

  • Dixit

« It takes alpha meat balls to stand up and say ‘America, we suck,’ » Stephen Colbert about Pizza Hut declaring their pizza were awful. [MSNBC]

  • Vidéos/Videos

Tree Removal FAIL

Man Slips on Ice during News Report

Angry Man In Burger King Gets Instant Karma!

Exploding Micro wave

Hilarious Prankster Highlights 10 Years Of Pissing Off Everyone With His Antics – Un montage avec les meilleurs moments de Rémi Gaillard

100 Greatest Youtube hits in 4 minutes

Dokaka does Nirvana

RMR: A Message From Transport Canada

  • Bonus


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