fév 242010

Here is the phenomenon :

Logan howls along to the Law & Order theme, each time it comes on.

Buddy won’t listen or budge to any song other than the theme song to Law & Order. While he was sleeping I tried playing Home Improvement theme song and Full house and nothing. The second I put on Law & Order he wakes up or comes into the room and starts howling usually at the TV but this time my laptop. So cute!

Dax howls and sings every time the Law & Order (original) theme plays. Always has.

My boss’ dog hates the theme song to Law & Order and as I’m not too fond of my boss’ dog, I play the theme to Law & Order in an effort to drive her insane. I get paid to do this.

Our 6 year old male Jack Russell has sang to the theme of Law and Order since he was a puppy.

I think you get it now. And what about your dog ?

Les chiens gémissent ou hurlent à la morts dès qu’ils écoutent le générique de Law & Order. Volonté marketing ou hasard ?

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