fév 092010

Here is how Studiocanoe describes his movie and he does it way better than I would :

This is a short film about my job as a Projectionist. I am quite proud of this film, mostly because I’m so proud of my job – it seems like a fulfilment of my childhood romantic notions of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Nonetheless what it most discernibly omits is how truly magnificent all the other staff are who work there too. It is dedicated to the other projectionists I know; some of whom are under threat of redundancy, and unquestionably to Sammy; for the lessons and facts about Projection.

On voit que ce projectionniste de cinéma a vu de nombreux films et qu’il a nourri son regard et son traitement de l’image. Les enchaînements sont très réussis, le rythme est vraiment excellent. J’ai adoré les couleurs. Bref, la prochaine fois que je vais à Londres, j’irai voir un film dans cette salle près de Camden, dans l’Islington. [Studiocanoe]


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