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Hey this web review has only press articles and videos ? Yes but they are all great. And don’t be such a bum, sometimes, I have to do other things too. Enjoy.

Oui, cette revue du Web ne contient que des articles de presse et des vidéos. Mais qu’elle est bien ! Au lieu de râler, regardez un peu !

  • Press Articles/ Articles de Presse

Star Wars laser successfully destroys ballistic missile [ZDnet]
F*ck You, Google [Gizmodo]
Americans Like Gays More Than They Like Homosexuals [NYMag]
Man Invents Chastity Belt for Dogs [MyFox]
Haiti man rescued after 27 days in quake rubble [Guardian]
Thief hides out in police station in badly-thought out plan [Metro]
A millionaire is giving away every penny of his £3 million fortune after realising his money were making him unhappy [Telegraph]

  • Video/Videos

Human labarador

Real-life Superman pushes car out of the way of an oncoming train.

Music in public school

A very strange way to play the Guitar in Botswana

Thank Ewe

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  One Response to “Sunday’s Web Review – Revue du Web du Dimanche”

  1. T’as bien fait de faire d’autres choses aussi.
    Elle est cool ta revue du dimanche… La guitariste est incroyable et les gamins chantent trop bien.
    Agathe veut revoir le train : on y va.
    Coline préfère le chien !

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