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The concept is as simple as it is awesome : find an expert on a peculiar subject of History, get him drunk as hell and ask him to tell you everything about an event in History. This is Drunk History.

Le concept est aussi simple que sexy : l’Histoire américaine racontée par des grands historiens complètement bourrés qui prêtent leurs voix à des acteurs … C’est Drunk History, l’Histoire Ivre.

On the video above, we have a Benjamin Franklin expert who reveals his controversial theory about the discovery of electricity. Starring Jack Black and Clark Duke, the expert gets so drunk, he throws up in the toilets but is brave enough to go on with his Drunk History.

Right below, you have the very first Drunk History. This one’s about the 1804 duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

Here is another video on William Henry Harrison, the ninth president of the United States of America, he was sixty-eight years old when he was elected. He died thirty days later.

Then, we have another one, about a man I really love, certainly one of the greatest mind of the XXth Century, Nicolas Tesla.

And now we have the Benjamin Franklin expert who is talking about another historical event in his life.

L’histoire, ça peut rapidement devenir pénible. Du coup, pour se donner du courage, certains historiens picolent, et je les comprends. Ils se détendent et commencent à parler de leur sujet de prédilection avec passion ou agacement. Cette nouvelle manière de raconter l’Histoire avec un grand H, s’appelle « Drunk History », que je pourrais traduire par « Histoire Ivre ». Inutile de dire que j’adore le concept signé Derek Waters. Les vidéos ont toutes été réalisées par Jeremy Konner.

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