mar 072010


    Sunday is eventually here, and I’m sure this web review will cheer you up. Have a good Sunday !

    Je suis assez content de cette revue du Web, des articles en anglais désopilants mais en anglais, un site Web trop lolo, et des vidéos trop bien. Bon dimanche !

    • Press Articles/Article de presse

    To charge or not to charge: what newspapers can learn from airlines [Editors]
    More than 5,000 Australians strip on the steps of the Sydney Opera House in the name of art [DailyMail]
    Christ’s Crucifixion Nail Found? [Telegraph]
    Pizzeria worker sees Jesus in sauce bucket on first Friday of Lent [TheTimes]

    • WebSites/Sites Web

    You must have a look at  Trololololo

    • Vidéos/Videos

    Japanese Ukulele duo

    Japanese TV commercial

    treadmill footjam

    Koala tickle

    Talkin’ Japanese Cat

    Human Beatbox and Insane Sound Collage Mash-up

    Dogs in slow-mo catching treats

    Exercise Ball on Treadmill Faceplant

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