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Star Wars Uncut : A New Hope is over ! The project was to recreate the classic, Star Wars: A New Hope. The entire movie was split up into 15 second scenes. Scenes were claimed by fans, who filmed them and uploaded them on Vimeo. Then, all the scenes were stitched together to make a full movie !

Above, you can watch 4 minutes and a half of the Escape from the death star. Enjoy !

Le projet le plus fou du web dont je vous avais parlé il a quelque mois vient enfin d’aboutir. Il s’agit de refilmer entièrement le film Star Wars : a New Hope de manière collaborative. Évidemment quand on dit collaboratif, on dit aussi mauvaises surprises. Peu importe, le résultat est là, et il est à l’image de certaines princesses Leia, parfois superbe, et parfois imposant.


[Star Wars Uncut via Blog]

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