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A song about Monkey, Chicken and duck. Mostly.

Une chanson qui parle de singe, de poulet et de canard. Principalement.

Lyrics / paroles de  Chicken Monkey Duck, by Mike Phirman from the album The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1) :

Monkey chicken chicken,
Monkey Chicken, duck duck,
Chicken monkey monkey, Chicken Monkey,
chicken chicken monkey duck.
Monkey duck,
Chicken duck,
Monkey monkey duck duck,
Chicken Monkey, chicken chicken monkey,
« Chicken Monkey Duck. »

Chicken chicken monkey duck,
Chicken Monkey, duck duck,
Chicken chicken monkey,
Chicken monkey,
Chicken duck.
Chicken duck duck,
Chicken monkey monkey duck,
« Chicken Monkey Duck? »
Chicken duck.
Monkey duck duck:
Chicken chicken, monkey,
Chicken, monkey monkey, Chicken Monkey.
Chicken chicken monkey?
Chicken, monkey monkey,
« Chicken Monkey Duck. »

Chicken chicken, monkey,
« Chicken Monkey Duck. »
Chicken chicken, duck.
Chicken Monkey, monkey,
Chicken Monkey—chicken duck.

Duck, Chicken Monkey
Chicken chicken monkey, chicken.
Duck duck,
Chicken chicken, duck.
Chicken, monkey monkey…

Duck duck, Chicken Monkey,
Chicken chicken, monkey.
Chicken Chicken (monkey monkey),
Chicken monkey,
« Chicken Monkey Duck. »

Chicken chicken chicken,
Monkey monkey,
Chicken Monkey:
Duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck,
« Goose. »


To download his album : [Mike Phirman]

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