août 202010

Dr. Lucien Sanchez’s Song I’m A One Track Lover From The Episode ‘The Creeping Moss From The Shores Of Shuggoth’ Showing His Love For Liz.

« Holy shit, that’s a PERFECT parody of 80s pop–the synthesizers, the introspective & over-wrought lyrics, the cheesy guitar solo, the neon-lit nightclub scene, the obligatory rap verse, even the rain on the window pane. Gotta love Daglis in that ultra-short kimono of his, too. Fuck, Darkplace was such a work of genius. »

Le boss de The IT Crowd qui nous pousse sa chansonnette des 80′s. Tout y est, les coupes pleines de laque, les gros plans, le guitariste sur le toit, les regards en coin,  la laque encore,… Et Moss en barman.

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