août 282010

J’ai longtemps pensé que le plus mauvais film du monde était Hard Ticket to Hawaii mais j’avais peut-être tort.

I used to think the worst movie ever was Hard Ticket to Hawaii but may be I was wrong, so very wrong.

Ninjas, beer, mulets,  fighting, ear rings, rock & roll, everything is in this movie. And it is a real movie !

Awesome! « Hey guys I’m takin a shower first. » « Go for it Jim ». » They sound like nice guys. But it looks like they finish —getting beer poured on their heads and all. I hope they teach those chumps a lesson! And I hope Jim can overcome the struggles he is facing with being half Korean and half « Black American. » Oh My God-Oh My God-Oh My God- Oh My God!!!

[Miami Connection]

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