oct 062010

Some moving real world images from the 1908 Wollensak Cine-Velostigmat f5 lens.

This is a mix of natural lighting, cine style lighting, hand held, the Kessler Pocket dolley and tripod work. Much of this was shot to see what this lens can do in real conditions, and where its strengths and weaknesses are. What it adds, what it loses is in my opinion what makes this glass unique. This motion test is a precursor to an upcoming film project. enjoy….

Special thanks to Kessler for proving equipment support, Bhavani lee for being an amazing performer, Thomas wong for editing the hell out of this, and to Khalid Mohtaseb for providing me with additional equipment.

Vous vous rappelez, les photos de New York prises avec un Canon 5D Mark II et un vieil objectif de 1908 ? J e mourrais d’envie de voir un film tourné avec cet objectif. Le résultat est encore plus beau que ce que je pensais.

Kessler: kesslercrane.com
Bhavani Lee: bhavanilee.net
Thomas Wong: thewongcut.com
Khalid Mohtaseb: nextlevelpictures.com

***There is NO color correction or footage manipulation what so ever***

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