jan 302011

What if other planets were at the same distance as the Moon ? How would they appear to us ? Here is the answer in video.

Et comment verrait-on les autres planètes si elles étaient à la même distance que la Lune ?  La réponse en vidéo… Jupiter !

While watching the video of the lunar eclipse I posted the other day I was looking at the curvature of the earth’s shadow on the moon. It made me think about how large the earth might look if an exact copy of it was up there instead of the moon. Soon curiosity got the better of me, and I was animating!

So the basic idea is, each planet you see is the size it would appear in the sky if it shared an orbit with the moon, 380,000 kms from earth. I created this video in After Effects, and because of certain technical considerations had to keep the field of view at 62 degrees. That means the foreground element is not precisely to scale. I realized this after the fact and may update the video at some point in the future. All planets are to correct scale with one another in any case. [Bradblogspeed]

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