mar 262011

These pics are old, they are black and white, but they are very WTF. If someone can explain what is going on here, he is very welcome.

Voici une série de photos rétro en noir et blanc complètement incompréhensible et très WTF. Si vous avez des explications sur cette série de photos, merci de les soumettre en commentaire.

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  15 Responses to “All the Best WTF Retro Pics in One Page”

  1. bizarre !!!

  2. So odd, but so amazing!

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  4. WTF is up with all the gas masks??

  5. I don’t even….what?

  6. so mainstream.

  7. Picture number two with that moskito on a bike looks like an odd realisation of a Danish cartoon called Cykelmyggen Egon (Egon the biking moskito) from 1967 by Flemming Quist Møller. I wonder if thee is any connection…

  8. if they arn’t fakes, the gas masks are because of the great war, the other photos are from around the same time. the quality of the photos[children and animals not blurred, suggesting fairly quick shutter speed] is consistent with this.


  10. Several of those have been photoshopped in some way. It’s really quite obvious. Actually, most of them. A couple were not even « old » or « retro ». They were taken by newer cameras and photoshopped in some way. :( Kinda disappointed.

  11. I’m pretty sure No. 9 is supposed to be Belsnickel.

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  14. It doesn’t matter what picture/website I’m looking at, there’s always at least one person who assumes the « it’s photoshopped » role. #cantenjoythepictures

  15. The 4th picture up from the bottom, the two men with the little boy. That’s an eastern european tradition, the Krampus, a sort of antiSanta. He visits children to check if they’ve been good or bad the small sticks the man is holding represents the wood the boy would get beaten with if he was bad. It still goes on to this day but is very light hearted NOT nasty in any way or form. Though from the little boys face he is obviously taking it a little seriously :)

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