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Jesus appears in a Three-cheese Pizza

It’s Easter, so I thought it would be fine to show you my collection of things where Jesus decided to appear.  Then, you will have to agree the Lord is kind of strange and appears in random location and things. But this, my friend, is only to remind you the Lord works in mysterious ways. Happy Easter !

C’est Pâques, vous ne voyez donc pas d’objection à cette galerie d’apparition de Jésus. Oui, le Seigneur aime apparaitre dans des lieux et sur des choses dont la signification nous échappe. Voici donc ma galerie d’apparition de Jésus sur des choses. Joyeuses Pâques.

Jesus appears in a door

Jesus appears in an Iron

Jesus appears in a grilled cheese toast

Jesus appears on a leak on wall

Jesus appears in an Ultrasound

Jesus appears in a tree

Jesus appears in a frying pan

Jesus appears in a Kit-Kat chocolate bar

Jesus appears in a naan served in India

Jesus appears in Ikea door

Jesus appears in the sky over Croatia

Jesus appears on a Spaghetti casserole

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  1. J’aime bien le dernier ^^

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