juin 122011

Voici des portraits de personnalités pris par la police suite à leur arrestation. J’ai sélectionné seulement les stars qui me semblaient les plus pertinentes. Vous pouvez en voir d’autres sur le site Mugshots.com.  Sinon, j’ai aussi ajouté quelques anonymes qui m’ont surpris ou amusé.

« In Criminal Law, a mugshot is a booking photograph taken during investigation. It isn’t an accusation nor an admission. Mugshots.com was created to redistribute arrest related mugshots which were taken by law enforcement agencies. Our belief is that if more people view arrest related mugshots and arrest records, the better the odds some will be able to identify someone who is or has done them wrong ». – Mug Shots

Bill Gates

David Bowie, toujours la classe.

Mickey Rourke

Keanu Reeves

Woody Harrelson

Al Capone

Elvis Prestley, le King

Jane Fonda

Anonymous Mugsots

This one is very artistic. She has really nice hair.

This one has real nice hairs.

This one has an interesting forehead.

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