juin 292011

Voici la courte histoire d’un amour séparé par un océan. A gauche de l’écran, nous sommes à Paris, à droite, nous sommes à New York. Le film a été entièrement tourné avec un téléphone portable.

A very short love story told in split screen. On the left, we are in Paris, on the right, in New York. The whole movie was shot on a mobile.

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  2 Responses to “Splitscreen: A Love Story, by JW Griffiths”

  1. WOW ! What an amazing imitation of HALF DAYS. A short film by the Niquet Brothers made in 2003 by just the two of them.


    This film toured the world’s festival in 2004 and won it’s fair share of prizes.
    I let you be the judge of it, but from where I stand, it’s called cheating…

  2. WOW!! such a beautiful movie, & wat made it even more incredible was there were no words, and the end…. WHOA my FAVORITE!!! =)

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