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C’est lundi ! Certains de vous sont encore en vacances, d’autres en sont revenus, et d’autres encore sont chez eux. Hier, en France, il y avait des élections, et pourtant la chanson intitulée Amsterdam Song d’Erin K & Tash n’a rien à voir avec le succès d’Hollande. Si j’avais dû choisir une chanson pour faire référence aux élections d’hier, j’aurais plutôt choisi Porcherie de Bérurier Noir. Mais je préfère vous offrir un gentil morceau de musique que je trouve très beau et qui saura vous détendre, j’en suis certain. Bon Lundi !

Lyrics of / paroles de Amsterdam Song, d’Erin K & Tash

Again again we were just across the street
And after that we went somewhere by feet
I wish you wouldn’t leave
We have so much to eat

It was hard to get to sleep
and I got rained on as I brushed my teeth
The wind should help you breathe
Keep the window open when I leave

Do you get scared underground
You’re just like me
And we get scared when we’re too high
I’m flying like a mouse on an elephant I’m in a tree
Can you speak angrily like me or
Do you only scream

The side of me that’s you; wakes me up
To turn me down, can’t stop moving my mouth
I wish you wouldn’t leave
We have so much to read

And have you had nights just like these
You cannot stand being seen
And you get nervous when you speak
And everything will make you sneeze

I live so far underground under the sea I love your sounds please stay with me here
Where the water is so distant do you dare to drink it
Do you dream dreams will disappear
And let you sleep in peace

Today today let’s ride a rollercoaster
Or catch the sun in front of us
We cannot get above
And you are just like me
Growing so rapidly

But there is so much left to eat
So much of you to disbelieve
So many days for us to meet
So many seconds left to breathe

It is so hard to get to sleep
You toss and turn I move my teeth
At least the wind should help us breathe
Please keep the window open when I leave

And we get scared when we’re too high
So the sky is just another trial

We get scared when we’re too high
But the air should breathe us back to life

[Erin K & Tash]

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