août 052010

Dr. Vasigaran is a great scientist specialized in robotics. He invents a robot looking exactly like a human. He names it Chitti. The Robot he makes is very versatile with the strength and intellect of many human beings. Vasi introduces Chitti into the human environment which leads to some interesting & mind blowing incidents… [Endhiran the Movie]

Endhiran (Tamil: எந்திரன்) is a forthcoming Tamil science fiction film directed by S. Shankar. The film features Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles with A. R. Rahman working on background score and soundtrack. Produced by Kalanidhi Maran, the film is expected to be a multiple-record breaker: it is currently being made on the highest ever film budget in Indian cinema and is also to see the largest worldwide release for an Indian film. [Wikipedia]

Un film de science-fiction façon Bollywood. Un des plus gros budgets de l’histoire du cinéma Indien. Le Cameron de Bollywood va-t-il faire sensation ou flop ? Je pense que ce sera un succès colossal. Vous avez déjà vu un robot danser façon indienne ? Non ? C’est justement pour cette raison que j’irais le voir.

août 042010

One of the most amazing coin bank I’ve seen in a long time. NEED !

And, oddly enough, it reminds me of the Ninja Cat in a Box (video below)

Voici la tirelire la plus hallucinante que j’ai pu voir aujourd’hui. Il s’agit d’un chat robot qui sort discrètement d’une boîte pour subtiliser les pièces que vous auriez pu poser dans sa gamelle. Il fallait y penser. C’est étrange car cette vidéo me fait penser au chat ninja dans une boîte :

août 022010

Listen to this washing machine ! It plays the drum quite well. The rythm is entertaining and it sounds a bit like drumming on huge oil barrels.

Je viens de trouver cette vidéo où on peut entendre une machine à laver jouer du tambour. Le rythme est vraiment intéressant. Je trouve ça dingue quand les objets se mettent à imiter l’art. je comprends maintenant pourquoi nous appelons les tambours de machine à laver ainsi.

août 012010

WOW A ROCK BAND VIDEO? This was another donator request, from , go subscribe to him if you’re into guitar covers and random videos, or just because he’s a pretty cool guy.

I’m sure most of you know this song, if you don’t, check out…

Richard also wanted me to « dance to it », which I fail at pretty bad in the beginning, but pretty soon I get into it lawl. This is actually a surprisingly hard song on a few phrases, too. I don’t think I can go low enough to hit that one phrase around the middle of the song.

Also for anyone wondering, since I get this question like 5 times a day, I’m never going to quit rock band, rhythm games or video games in general, ever. I may take breaks from it, but i’ll be 70 years old on a hover-scooter or something and still playing the playstation 10 or xbox 7200 or whatever’s out then, lol.

Actually no, I won’t be using a hover-scooter, when i’m 70 I want to be like Jack LaLanne and be able to pull boats with my teeth.

Rock Band customisé pour jouer Trololo ! Hallucinant…

[via Reddit]

juil 312010

The Nadeau technique is like Yoga, except you swing, you roll, you move your body. It helps you feel young again. Or it makes you laugh. Or both. Or just laugh in fact. It’s still better than nothing.

La technique Nadeau aide les personnes âgées à rajeunir. C’est un complément au yoga (sans la vodka). C’est beau, c’est français, c’est novateur, c’est moderne. J’en ai les larmes aux yeux. J’aime cette France qui se lève tôt pour faire des exercices musculaires intenses et qui se laisse filmer.

Musique : Roberto Pregadio, bi-di-bi-da

juil 302010

In 1985, two American men began distributing a video they compiled lampooning Tilton and his ostensible conversations with God. The video exploits Tilton’s facial expressions and preaching style. Entitled Pastor Gas, the video featured a medley of footage from Success-N-Life overdubbed with well-timed sound effects of flatulence. Unofficial VHS copies of the video circulated in the United States through the late 1980s under such titles as Heaven Only Knows, The Joyful Noise, and The Farting Preacher. After the hosts of The Mark & Brian Show, a radio program in Los Angeles, mentioned the video on the air, the video’s authors saw the market potential and began selling official copies of their creation. Similar videos have since been made in more recent times using more recent footage of Tilton and are distributed throughout the internet, all under the Farting Preacher name. The video distribution (including digital bootlegs distributed online) expanded public awareness of Robert Tilton and his controversial television ministry. [Wikipedia]

[via Clusterflock]