août 012010

Here is my Sunday Web Review. All these videos were not good enough to be alone in a single post, but they are still very amazing, so here they are in thei full glory and I’m pretty sure they will amaze you as much as they did to me. Have a very good Sunday

Voici enfin la revue du web du dimanche. Il s’agit de vidéo qui ont retenu mon attention mais qui ne justifiait pas un article. Ici, toutes réunies, elle existent, et en s’additionnant avec les autres, trouvent une nouvelle dimension qui vous détendra. Après tout c’est dimanche.


Washing Machine Self Destructs

I still laugh at this one, the way it exploded,
I am in trouble for doing in a few plants…Oops.
You are welcome to my channel to look at my other crazy vids

Watermelons July 2010

The second installment of the Exploding Watermelon Series.

Dog and TIGER Play

A dog and tiger cub wrestle around in the front yard!

Glowstick In A Toilet (The Rave Toilet)

We emptied 32 glowsticks in the back of a toilet. These were the awesome results. We were REALLY bored…..

Moon Walk on Air

Lauren + JP

Wedding Video by Matt Odom. Lauren and JP got married in La Grange, GA. This footage was cut to « Sleepyhead » by Passion Pit.

Cool dog mowing lawn

Sammy the static electrcity dog – Der elektrisch geladene Hund

Very funny, its a little dog, but more like an hedgehog…
Dieser kleine Hund sieht mehr wie ein Igel aus…

Swedish policeman dancing – polis dansar på stortorget i malmö

Polisen dansar på stortorget i malmö :)

Best celebration ever in football

When Halldor Orri scores a great goal he decides to go fishing and catch on his mate Johann Laxdal or Johann the salmon. The game was Stjarnan against Fylkir in the top league in Iceland and the goal was the winning goal in extra time. Lax means salmon in icelandic.

tiny octopus

very rare find, sorry i haven’t put up any new videos recently, i have a new camera and haven’t figured out how to get the videos off of it yet, something to do with downloading software. but i will figure it out soon, i have new videos stuck on it of my 12ft cast net.

juin 202010


La revue du web du dimanche est enfin disponible. Conséquente, superbe et fonctionnelle, elle égaiera votre dimanche comme Freddy Mercury dans une salle de bain. Bon dimanche.

Here is the Sunday web Review you’ve expected for the whole week. Have a good Sunday !

  • Reminder : Jesus is Everywhere

Jesus Spotted In Wallingford Tree [WFSB]

  • Vidéos/videos

The slide — driven by fun.
A long staircase. Next to it a slide. Which way would you go?

Cardboard Mechanics mady by 4 students of the Utrecht School of Art and Technology.

One short game of chess with our MONSTER CHESS game


Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat

Never Ending Sneezing Bear

The Happiest Duck in the World


Super Mario Beatbox

pug pup falling asleep, funny!


National Mustache Champion

juin 132010


    Au menu de cette revue du web : de l’équilibre avec un cycliste, un ours et même un chien qui grimpe, Des combats inégaux : un chat contre un jouet, un chaton contre lui-même, et une mise au point : un mariage avec des requins. Bref que des bonnes choses à déguster avec un café. Bon dimanche.

    I hope you’ll enjoy this web review. This week again it is huge and fun. Have a good Sunday !

    • Article de presse/press articles

    Nicolas Sarkozy bans tall bodyguards [Telegraph]
    Couple find face of baby Jesus in wallpaper while decorating their kitchen [SWNS]
    The dog that’s just dyeing to be a tiger: How Chinese owners turn their pets into exotic wildlife in new craze [Dailymail]
    How the lion massager helps big cats relax with a game of ‘This Little Piggy’ [Dailymail]

    • Videos/Vidéos

    Real Cat Vs. Toy Cat

    Paddle at the Point Timelapse


    Yours Truly, BP

    Old Spice The Boy Your Man Could Smell Like

    Kitten Freaks Himself Out

    Climbing Dog

    Guy standing on bicyclerack during ride

    Beijing China What one girl does when it’s hard to find parking

    Wedding with Sharks – New York Post

    Kung Fu Bear Finds a Light Saber

    juin 062010


      Je n’ai pas vraiment eu le temps cette semaine de bien préparer cette revue du web du dimanche, et je la poste donc en urgence. J’espère qu’elle vous plaira. Bon dimanche !

      I hope you’ll enjoy this web review even if it is incomplete. I hope you’ll like it. Have a good Sunday !

      • Vidéos/Videos

      Proposal Video

      Amazing Animated Optical Illusions

      David MeShow – Extreme Beatbox (No Instrument)

      Jesus Christ! DLSU TREDTRI MTV

      Invisible water

      3 Year Old Solves Rubik’s Cube in 114 seconds

      Babycat’s Drinking Problem

      Cat vs. mirror

      mai 302010


      This Sunday Web Review is video only. Animals, son & dad, reporters, ad on TV, and CCTV footages. Have a good Sunday !

      Cette  revue du web du dimanche ne comporte que des vidéos. Il y a des animaux, comme toujours. (Que serait le web sans les chats et les chiens ?). Et il y a des reporters. Et aussi une pub. Et même un flashmob suisse. Et j’oubliais le clip le plus mauvais de l’histoire mettant en scène un père et son fils. Bon dimanche !

      • Videos/Videos

      Cat vs Snake

      A Swiss flashmob protest of nuclear power plants

      Sky Smith & E – Take Me home . It is a Son and Dad duo. (music and video produced by Sky).

      Hair Conditioner

      News Reporter Blooper

      Kung Fu Bear

      Boston Terrier Vs. Kitten

      Cereal Killer Kitty

      Scary! Massive waves on huge road bridge send Volgograd drivers asphalt surfing

      Snowboard Girl 1 year old

      Horse Race Caller Loses His Voice!

      NBC – Mark Potter swallows a flying bug – hilarious

      mai 232010


      La semaine dernière, la revue du web était un peu légère. Cette semaine, elle est énorme. Conclusion : les revues du web se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas. Il y a quand même beaucoup d’animaux et beaucoup de glissades aussi. Je vous rappelle que toutes les vidéos de la revue du web peuvent être vues par des enfants, mais je ne vous garantie pas qu’ils pourront toutes les comprendre. Bon dimanche !

      Last week, my web review was a bit light. But everything is back on track and this Sunday, your web review is just huge ! Have a good Sunday !

      • Press Articles/Articles de presse

      vittore-tribble_jesus_heart_image_250px.jpg__jpeg_image__250x401_pixels_ First-ever sighting of Jesus in a lung [io9]

      • Sites Web/Web sites

      Shit my kids ruined (excellent !)

      • Videos/Vidéos

      Amazing Goldfish Synchronized Swimming

      Golden retriever dog eats with hands

      Rat Staring Contest With Background Music

      Cat owns dog and his house

      Bicycle Rush Hour Utrecht


      The parrot perfect landing

      Kittens on a Slide

      General Lee Drift

      Wally the turtle likes to slide

      Insane Drumming

      Sneaky, Pen-Stealing Cat

      Cute dreaming kitty

      Future Ruler Of The World

      Impossible motion: magnet-like slopes

      mai 162010

      Désolé pour l’interruption momentanée du site, mais il devrait revenir à la normal très prochainement. Voici donc une revue du web du dimanche un peu légère mais qui a au moins le mérite d’exister. Demain, vous aurez votre chanson du lundi et d’autres surprises vous attendent dans les jours prochains… Bon dimanche.

      I’m very sorry for the very few posts on webinapage this week.  But everything should get back to normal in the week. This web review is a bit light, but the next one will be (forcibly) better. Tomorrow, you’ll have your Monday’s song and always the best stuff found on the Web. Have a good Sunday.

      • Press Articles/Articles de presse

      Internet Use Makes Us Happier [Yahoo]

      • Vidéos/Videos

      Kitten suckles air

      Runner II

      Funny dancing dog

      Jesse’s Magical Follicles

      Meet the Sloths

      mai 022010

      web review sunday revue web dimanche bear parrot ukulele

      Cette revue du web du dimanche est assez fournie ! Des vidéos hallucinantes, des sites incroyables et même des articles. C’est plutôt un bon jour, puisque même s’il pleut, et même si c’est le deuxième jour férié de suite, vous pouvez vous divertir un petit moment en ma compagnie. Bon dimanche !

      This Sunday’s Web Review is as awesome as usual. This time you will have plenty of videos, some nice press articles and even a website with cats and another one with ideas if you don’t know what to cook for dinner. Have a good Sunday.

      • Press Articles/Articles de presse

      Recently discovered asteroid ice suggests Earth’s oceans have extraterrestrial origins [Gizmodo]

      Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Flash, in Flash [TopherChris]

      Mysterious Landslide in Thailand [DailyMail]

      • Websites/Sites Web

      What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?


      • Vidéos/Videos

      A bear Film

      KLM Economy Comfort Product with Ramana at Manchester Airport T2

      IBM 5100 First Portable Computer commercial 1977

      A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms

      Smartphone Domino Machine

      As Seen on TV – a tribute to doing it wrong

      Amazing Fire Illusion!

      Ever seen cigarette lit like this Video

      Sun flower dance

      Training My Cat to NOT Open the Door

      7 ukeleles to cover Kids by MGMT

      Einstein – The Smallest Horse In The World

      Parrots can dance