fév 162010


These last days, while I was looking for pictures, I just kept bumping into animated Gif images. I found so many, I decided to make a full article on my latest discovery. They were supposed to go in the No Comment part of the site, but here they are in their full glory. Take time to look at each of them as they are all really weird of funny.

Quand je cherche des images pour ma partie No Comment, je tombe très souvent sur des Gif animés. Ces derniers temps, j’en ai trouvé plein qui aurait mérité une place dans la partie No Comment, mais je n’avais pas envie de polluer cette rubrique. Du coup, je vous les livre comme ça, presque sans commentaire, en Zoom.  Une dernière précision quand même, ils m’ont tous fait rire, sourire, ou intrigué. Prenez le temps de les regarder…

Coke Bottle Revenge


Boy vs Chicken


Boy vs Cat


Running Puppies




Panda Rocks


BSOD Star Trek


Funny Runner


Look at the Owls -elles me font toutes rire.


WTF sheep


sept 232009

Autumn Sory is a song from Firekites’ album ‘The Bowery’. This music video, co-directed by Yanni Kronenberg and Lucinda Schreiber, use the same principles as the stop-motion videos made by BLU. I like that kind of video because all you need is some chalk, a blackboard and a lot of talents. Ok, you also need a lot of time ahead. It took them 6 month to make that video. [Firekites]

Si vous regardez bien l’animation, vous comprendrez de quoi parle la chanson :

Tell me all you know,
what was that old story that you told?
Yea, i know it’s late, but these times wont wait.

We hear the bells on every hour.

Says she likes to write,
and she likes to walk by the park.
Yea this house is gold, but it has no light.
Dealers on our street,
black cats in our yard, we don’t mind.
Feelings lived here once, before our time.

we hear the bells on every hour
I will always love you

We hear the bells on every hour
I will always love you

Says she loves to dance,

We don’t want these days to ever end,
to ever end,
to ever end,
to ever end.