nov 022010

Introducing the Automatypewriter, a new way to experience interactive fiction! The Automatypewriter is a typewriter that can type on its own, as well as detect what you type on it. By reading what it types to you and responding, it can be used interactively to play a game or participate in a story (in this case, Zork). [UpnotNorth]

Zork was one of the first interactive fiction computer games. Zork distinguished itself in its genre as an especially rich game, in terms of both the quality of the storytelling and the sophistication of its text parser, which was not limited to simple verb-noun commands (« hit grue »), but some prepositions and conjunctions (« hit the grue with the Elvish sword »). [Wikipedia]

Voici un projet qui me fascine. Il s’appelle l’Automatypewriter. Il s’agit d’une machine à écrire qui est programmé pour taper toute seule une fiction interactive. Le principe de la fiction interactive est : la machine à écrire tape une phrase et vous laisse le choix de l’action du personnage principale. Vous tapez ce que le personnage doit faire, comme par exemple :  allumer une bougie et descendre les escalier de la cave. La machine écrit alors ce qu’il se passe et ce qui vous arrive.

Ici l’Automatypewriter inclut le programme Zork. Il s’agit d’une fiction interactive développée dans les années 80 par des étudiant du prestigieux MIT. Ce jeu est époustouflant par sa modernité. Ici, il trouve une nouvelle jeunesse grâce à ce concept rétro et efficace.


oct 052010

My HP Scanjet 5P performs Ode to Joy

If you set the Scanjet to SCSI ID 0, then hold down the green ‘scan’ button on the front whilst powering on the scanner, a stepper motor test routine will activiate. The test moves the motor back and forth to create the « notes » of the song.

Für Elise in an Scanjet

Using an scanner to play music. It’s real!

Star Wars Floppy Disk

Scanner Music – Star Wars Imperial March

Mario Theme played on Stepper Motors with an Arduino

The sound you’re hearing is coming entirely from the motors. The song information is taken from a MIDI file that I composed. An Arduino provides the necessary commands to spin the motors at the required frequencies.

Milling machine playing MacGyver theme

Visa made a program that converts notes from a .txt file into G-code, which makes the milling machine play the music.