fév 282010


Sunday Bloody Sunday, at least there is a good Web Review to cheer you up today. You won’t regret it ! have a good Sunday !

C’est enfin dimanche ! L’heure de la revue du web vient de sonner et au menu, des vidéos exceptionnelles, des articles à couper le souffle et des sites web invisibles. Bon dimanche.

  • Press Articles/Articles de presse

The Last Four Minutes of Air France Flight 447 [Spiegel]

Winnipeg teachers suspended after ‘lap dance’ goes viral [NationalPost]

« Headless Body in Topless Bar » Killer Denied Parole Again [Gothamist]

I quit. In the most spectacular way possible. [SomethingAwful]

The Death Star found in the Galaxy [TheSun]

Businessman to paint over Banksy artwork ‘because he doesn’t like art [Telegraph]

Shot Woman saved by breast implants [Ananova]

  • Videos/Vidéos

Flying bread !

Commuter Pigeon Goes to Work

Pakistani Officer Funny Clip

Underwater Boxing Match

Cat Elevator

Jack Russells vs. Sprinklers, watch till the end, it’s cute

Dog smile after eating

A luxurious kitty massage

Boss run into Glass Door