mai 022010

web review sunday revue web dimanche bear parrot ukulele

Cette revue du web du dimanche est assez fournie ! Des vidéos hallucinantes, des sites incroyables et même des articles. C’est plutôt un bon jour, puisque même s’il pleut, et même si c’est le deuxième jour férié de suite, vous pouvez vous divertir un petit moment en ma compagnie. Bon dimanche !

This Sunday’s Web Review is as awesome as usual. This time you will have plenty of videos, some nice press articles and even a website with cats and another one with ideas if you don’t know what to cook for dinner. Have a good Sunday.

  • Press Articles/Articles de presse

Recently discovered asteroid ice suggests Earth’s oceans have extraterrestrial origins [Gizmodo]

Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Flash, in Flash [TopherChris]

Mysterious Landslide in Thailand [DailyMail]

  • Websites/Sites Web

What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?


  • Vidéos/Videos

A bear Film

KLM Economy Comfort Product with Ramana at Manchester Airport T2

IBM 5100 First Portable Computer commercial 1977

A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms

Smartphone Domino Machine

As Seen on TV – a tribute to doing it wrong

Amazing Fire Illusion!

Ever seen cigarette lit like this Video

Sun flower dance

Training My Cat to NOT Open the Door

7 ukeleles to cover Kids by MGMT

Einstein – The Smallest Horse In The World

Parrots can dance