oct 182010

Remember Banksy, the invisible outlaw artist who is as creative as he is wanted by the cops. Now, you’ll know everyhting you need to know about him as he has chosen to reveal himself to the public and to give us an exciting glimpse into his day to day life.

Vous connaissez Banksy, cet artiste anonyme qui s’amuse à recouvrir les murs du monde de ses grafs imaginatifs tout en étant recherché par toutes les polices. Et bien voilà, dans cette vidéo. Banksy révèle sa véritable identité ! Et il nous permet de voir comment il vit au quotidien. Finalement, il est assez ordinaire.

août 012009

Try looking  for Banksy on the Internet, and as in Terry Gilliam’s movie Lost in La Mancha, you’ll never get close to the man. It sucks, but that’s life. So instead of telling you who is Banksy or write stuff like « Banksy is great, Banksy is a genius », I’ll just say something i’m sure : Banksy doesn’t want you to know who he is. Today, the only little thing we know about the guy  is through his pieces of art. That is quite odd in itself as you certainly know most artists want you to know them more than their production. We are living in a world where we have to know the artist before knowing his work. We have to appreciate the artist to appreciate the work. Here, we only have the work and no artist.  Is Banksy a woman ? Is (s)he alone ? Is Banksy the name for a collective ? Can a (wo)man alone be as creative as him (her) ? Who cares ?

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