fév 162011

Waterfall is a lithography print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher which was first printed in October, 1961. It shows an apparent paradox where water from the base of a waterfall appears to run uphill before reaching the top of the waterfall. Here, this guy managed to recreate the illusion in real life.

« Congratulations, you broke physics. » – Jotavr

Je ne vois qu’une solution. Cet homme est une sorcière.

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jan 202011

Aled Lewis is a graphic design graduate who does a bit of illustration and lives in London, England. He loves to create stuff that makes people think and stuff that makes people laugh and occasionally he manages to create stuff that makes people think and laugh at the same time. The full galerie is after the jump

Voici une série de photos amusantes où Aled Lewis intègre des personnages de jeux vidéos dans le monde réel. Le résultats est assez réjouissant. La galerie complète est page suivante…

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