nov 092010

« Some people like taking their time, » says Kim Rugg, whose artistic achievements are measured in millimeters, spent X-ACTO blades and picas. We spent the afternoon with Rugg in her London home and studio talking about her work re-imagining newspapers, comics, stamps and cereal boxes using their existing form while rearranging their content. Kim finds inspiration from the mundane and common objects around us. Her wicked knife skills and tenacious attention to detail have create a body of work that is as impressive as it is curious.[coolhunting]

Voici un petit documentaire sur Kim Rugg, une artiste canadienne qui a su élever son toc au rang d’art. Elle remet dans l’ordre alphabétique les lettres des journaux qu’elle lit. En véritable pro du cutter, elle s’attaque aussi aux images, qu’elle modifie sûrement et. Et forcément, dans son univers provocant, on ne s’ennuie jamais. Une belle réflexion sur le journalisme, l’iconographie et l’écriture.

[Kim Rugg via boingboing]