fév 072011

What began as a self-imposed weekly photo assignment — “Stand on a bench. Make sure it’s Monday. Wear something pretty.” — transformed into this who-am-I photo-tale exploring the individual in various environments and apparel. [Heidi Lender]

Heidi Lender s’est donné un objectif artistique : « Monter sur un banc. Vérifier que c’est lundi. Porter quelque chose de jolie. » J’adore cette idée. C’est beau et c’est lundi… déjà.

More pics : [Heidi Lender]

jan 272011

Together 31 children walking with their legs tied, amazing video.

« For some reason as soon as the video started up I had a huge urge to want to push the kid at the end over and watch the rest topple over like dominoes. Thats not cruel is it ? » – MiIkBandit

31 enfants courent avec les jambes attachées à celles du voisin.

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