août 052010

Every on-screen lightsaber ignition in movie chronological order. For retraction it’s the reverse order. I only put in clips where you can see the lightsaber ignite/retract and not just hear it. Also only put in clips where the lightsaber is intentionally ignited/retracted.

Landstrider, un utilisateur de YouTube s’est amusé à mettre dans l’ordre chronologique toutes les scènes de Star wars, où l’on voit un sabre laser s’allumer ou s’éteindre. J’ai envie de revoir les films maintenant, c’est malin.

août 042010

Voici une vidéo qui vous présente le plus grand nombre de consoles de jeu vidéo possible. C’est énorme et très instructif. Avant de voir cette vidéo, je pensais connaître pas mal de consoles, mais là, il y en a 450 ! Le tout est servi sur des musiques de jeu encore plus difficile à connaitre. La liste exhaustive est plus bas. Si vous regardez la vidéo jusqu’au bout, je vous tire ma révérence. Et si en plus, vous mettez le son à fond, je suis admiratif.

Last year, Elder-Geek released the definitive video slideshow of consoles, computers, and dedicated game machines. This year, our video editor, Eliot Hagen, updates his original list with a few more entries. Please forgive the quality of some of the photographs. Also, the systems are ordered by release date by year and then sub-ordered alphabetically or chronologically depending on what information was available.

As for the music…well…prepare for a long walk down memory lane. Kudos to you if you can identify the games the tracks come from.

Thanks to for many of the images, and the thousands of fans who had uploaded photos of these pieces of gaming history.

Music in order of lstening :

Bubble Bobble – Gameplay
Ice Climbers – Title & Gameplay
Balloon Fight – Balloon Trip
Super Mario Bros – Main Theme
Duck Tales – The Amazon
The Goonies – World 1
Blaster Master – Stage 1
Punch-Out!! – Boxing
Metroid – Brinstar
Kid Icarus – World 1
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – Castle
Castlevania – Vampire Killer
Dr. Mario – Fever
Mega Man – Cut Man
Double Dragon – Stage 1
Gradius – Stage 1 (Part 2)
Ikari Warriors – Gameplay
Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins – Stage 1
Donkey Kong Country – Mine Cart Madness
Final Fantasy VI – The Veldt
Chrono Trigger – The Ruins of Lab 16
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge – Opening Theme
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Gerudo Valley
Final Fantasy IX – Vamo ‘alla Flamenco
Bioshock – Welcome to Rapture
Dragon Age: Origins – Main Theme
Shadow of the Colossus – Final Battle


juin 082010


Like any mèmes, it all started with one picture like the  one above. And then, a bunch of people started to modify it, just for fun. This is exactly what happened to Keanu Reeves who is famous for being a good guy. He fights cancer, share his money with the crew of the movies he played with. He’s had the worse life one could imagine. For these reasons, Keanu is a loved by many. So, when someone took these pictures, you had no choice but feel sorry for him. Here is what happened :


Comme tous les mèmes, tout est est parti d’une photo uploadée sur le grand réseau. Celle que vous voyez ci-dessus a été postée sur un forum et rapidement elle est devenue une source d’inspiration pour un grand nombre d’internautes. Pourquoi Keanu Reeves ? Parce que Keanu Reeves, sur la toile, c’est un chic type.  C’est le gars qui a donné 60 millions d’euros aux personnes qui ont fait les effets spéciaux et les costumes de Matrix. Il offre des Harleys aux cascadeurs. C’est aussi celui qui donne de son temps pour la recherche contre le cancer (sa sœur est malade). Parce que Keanu reeves a une vie atroce. Si, si. Bref, avec un tel capital sympathie, il était normal que le net soit bouleversé en découvrant la photo ci-dessus. Le texte n’étant là que pour retourner le couteau dans la plaie. Ainsi, les Internautes ont été essayé de lui remonter le moral en créant une journée pour lui, le 15 juin.



Keanu Reeves is hungry


Keanu Reeves is REALLY hungry





On June 15th, we plan on sending letters, emails, gifts, and any other niceties and kind words to a real bro, Keanu Reeves. Keanu has come on some tough times lately, and doesn’t seem to have the same youthful lust for life as he did even ten years ago. Please participate in Cheer Up Keanu Day, and hopefully bring a smile to Keanu Reeves’ face [Facebook]

Most pics via reddit

mar 182010

It is always pleasant to  see that a publishing company like Penguin, still know what they are doing. They make their point using an old word game called a palindrome. If you don’t know what a palindrome is, just watch the video above and don’t skip any part of it. Watch it from the beginning to the end ! And you will understand what a palindrome is, and the power it can have.

As I said, i guess the palindrome is as old as the language is. Here are some other videos that might blow your mind the same way.
Lost Generation Sucks

Truth of Argentina