déc 192011

C’est les vacances, vos enfants sont avec vous. Faites-leur regarder cette vidéo. Oui les enfants, vous allez voir un pigeon qui choisit un escalator pour se reposer. Il va vite comprendre que ce n’est pas le meilleur endroit pour dormir. Et vous les enfants, vous voulez aussi dormir sur un escalator comme ce pigeon ? Non, le meilleur endroit pour se reposer, c’est au lit ! Et vous avez bien raison de le dire. Continue reading »

fév 282010


Sunday Bloody Sunday, at least there is a good Web Review to cheer you up today. You won’t regret it ! have a good Sunday !

C’est enfin dimanche ! L’heure de la revue du web vient de sonner et au menu, des vidéos exceptionnelles, des articles à couper le souffle et des sites web invisibles. Bon dimanche.

  • Press Articles/Articles de presse

The Last Four Minutes of Air France Flight 447 [Spiegel]

Winnipeg teachers suspended after ‘lap dance’ goes viral [NationalPost]

« Headless Body in Topless Bar » Killer Denied Parole Again [Gothamist]

I quit. In the most spectacular way possible. [SomethingAwful]

The Death Star found in the Galaxy [TheSun]

Businessman to paint over Banksy artwork ‘because he doesn’t like art [Telegraph]

Shot Woman saved by breast implants [Ananova]

  • Videos/Vidéos

Flying bread !

Commuter Pigeon Goes to Work

Pakistani Officer Funny Clip

Underwater Boxing Match

Cat Elevator

Jack Russells vs. Sprinklers, watch till the end, it’s cute

Dog smile after eating

A luxurious kitty massage

Boss run into Glass Door

nov 112009

Here is a short 3D animation for the whole family.  Comme c’est férié aujourd’hui, voici un petite film d’animation bien réalisé.

A rookie secret agent is faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase.

The film took nearly 5 years to complete and is the first attempt at animation by writer/director Lucas Martell: « When the project started, it was mostly an excuse to learn 3D animation, but by the end of the project I had spent so much time reworking and polishing the story that I just wanted people to laugh. »
The end-result is a hilarious 6-minute romp through the streets of Washington D.C. as our hero fights to save himself, and the world from the chaos reigned down by a hungry pigeon. Breathtaking visuals and a sweeping soundtrack showcase the work of nearly one-hundred talented artists and musicians, and the film stands as a testament to what can be accomplished by a team of dedicated volunteers working for the love of their craft. [Pigeon Impossible]

Lucas Martell (Writer/Director/Producer/Animator)
Austen Menges (Editor/Additional Story)
Christopher Reyman (Composer)