mar 142010


This Sunday’s Web Review is quite huge ! You won’t regret it. We have some really amazing articles, really crazy websites and some excellent videos. I know your Sunday will be great !

Je ne suis pas mécontent de la revue du Web de cette semaine, c’est bientôt le printemps et les sites fleurissent de nouveau. Allez-les voir, il y en a des vraiment bien. Pour les vidéos, je vous laisse juger. Bon dimanche.

  • Press Articles/Articles de Presse

Internet ‘in running’ for Nobel Peace Prize BBC

Exploding Cement Truck Mishap  AustrianTimes

London passers-by watch gang raid Queen’s silversmith BBC

Man Arrested For Thinking Of A Cheeseburger Gastongazette

Woman assaults jailer with breast milk Metro

  • Websites/Sites Web

Shakespearean Insulter

Black Bear on Live Cam

Animals on Drugs

The Inverse Graphing Calculator change your words into equation

Hipsters have to pee

If you love Godzilla and if you love Haikus, you will love Godzilla Haiku

  • Videos/Vidéos

A man grinding down the stairs by dragging his feet over the steps. (Un homme descend des escaliers en glissant avec ses pieds sur les marches.)

A giant ant colony  full of cement,and then excavated reveals one of Mother Natures marvellous wonders.

Man tries to push dog in water

A NYC Subway delay, a band performs The Beatles’ “Hey Jude”, commuters form a perfect chorus

A Reporter Having a Bad Day (0:50)

Trololololololololololo Guy parody video

Transformation en Michael Jackson…

Kids singing (again) in class

oct 222009

A channel 9 reporter in Australia was telling the news for the day when a MASSIVE seagull droped by the studios and the cameras also picked it up… Very funny only in australia..

Un reporter australien de Channel 9  annoncent les infos du jour quand une ENORME mouette s’est posée près des studios. Heureusement, la caméra a tout filmé… Notre fin est proche.