août 012010

Here is my Sunday Web Review. All these videos were not good enough to be alone in a single post, but they are still very amazing, so here they are in thei full glory and I’m pretty sure they will amaze you as much as they did to me. Have a very good Sunday

Voici enfin la revue du web du dimanche. Il s’agit de vidéo qui ont retenu mon attention mais qui ne justifiait pas un article. Ici, toutes réunies, elle existent, et en s’additionnant avec les autres, trouvent une nouvelle dimension qui vous détendra. Après tout c’est dimanche.


Washing Machine Self Destructs

I still laugh at this one, the way it exploded,
I am in trouble for doing in a few plants…Oops.
You are welcome to my channel to look at my other crazy vids

Watermelons July 2010

The second installment of the Exploding Watermelon Series.

Dog and TIGER Play

A dog and tiger cub wrestle around in the front yard!

Glowstick In A Toilet (The Rave Toilet)

We emptied 32 glowsticks in the back of a toilet. These were the awesome results. We were REALLY bored…..

Moon Walk on Air

Lauren + JP

Wedding Video by Matt Odom. Lauren and JP got married in La Grange, GA. This footage was cut to « Sleepyhead » by Passion Pit.

Cool dog mowing lawn

Sammy the static electrcity dog – Der elektrisch geladene Hund

Very funny, its a little dog, but more like an hedgehog…
Dieser kleine Hund sieht mehr wie ein Igel aus…

Swedish policeman dancing – polis dansar på stortorget i malmö

Polisen dansar på stortorget i malmö :)

Best celebration ever in football

When Halldor Orri scores a great goal he decides to go fishing and catch on his mate Johann Laxdal or Johann the salmon. The game was Stjarnan against Fylkir in the top league in Iceland and the goal was the winning goal in extra time. Lax means salmon in icelandic.

tiny octopus

very rare find, sorry i haven’t put up any new videos recently, i have a new camera and haven’t figured out how to get the videos off of it yet, something to do with downloading software. but i will figure it out soon, i have new videos stuck on it of my 12ft cast net.

mai 092010

revue web dimanche web review dogs ice cream

Ce dimanche, il a du chien ! C’est pourquoi cette revue du web du dimanche regorge de vidéos de chien. Et pour une fois, il y en a plus que de chats. J’espère qu’elles vous plairont. Bon dimanche.

Welcome on the Best Sunday Web Review of the week. Joke aside, this time you’ll have plenty of dog videos. Have a good Sunday.

  • Articles de presse/Press Articles

Babies [Village Voice]

Boy Saved From Death By His Ears [Metro]

  • Vidéos/Videos

The Best of Sparky Kibble Dancing

Brickies Labourer in Bangladesh

Star Wars Day Penguin Parade

Cute Dog Rides Turtle

Smiley Bebe

Singing Dog

Sams successful first trial (innovation group)

Sea Gull Epic Win (watch till the end)

The Cadbury Flake 99 Challenge

avr 182010

revue web review chien dog man sheep

Les volcans islandais ont peut-être annulé vos vacances. Vous êtes bloqué dans un aéroport et vous venez de tomber sur cette page. Tout n’est pas si sombre puisque vous allez pouvoir lire la meilleure revue du web de la semaine. Et je vous souhaite un bon dimanche.

Welcome to the Sunday’s Web Review. This week it should please you as much as last week… Hopefully. Have a good Sunday !

  • Press Articles/ Articles de presse

Girl Wins Stinky Sneakers Contest [Oddity Central]

British Arctic Survey team woke up to find a giant ice crack had opened up right underneath their tent [DailyMail]

Evil Clown hired for stalking [Metro]

Braille pornographic magazine launched for the blind  [Telegraph]

  • Vidéos/Videos

Tonto vs The Tail

Midwest Meteor

Goats Sheep Surfing

water billboard installation that was in Paris

Office Base Jump

blinky leds smiley face

Hand Music

Dog fighting and chasing its own shadow

Crazy Dog Man

Failed karate / taekwondo punch

avr 112010

sunday web review revue web 11-04-10

Sunday is here, What a wonderful day to read the best web review you can get ! I love this day, may be because it’s my birthday

Dimanche est enfin là. Quelle journée formidable pour déguster une merveilleuse revue du web. Et en plus, c’est mon anniversaire. Je vous souhaite donc un merveilleux dimanche…

  • Press Articles/Articles de presse

Cleverest women are the heaviest drinkers [Telegraph]

Jesus ‘appeared in my chewing gum’ [Telegrpah]

Man goes to pay naked at petrol station [Austrian Times]

  • Website/Site Web

A visiter quand on se sent moche : WithoutFX

To visit when you feel ugly : WithoutFX

  • Vidéos/Videos

The Taiwanese Susan Boyle

Tuxedo Cat Falls Off the Table

Little Brother Ruins Sisters Webcam Performance

Garfield is real

Dancing and Singing to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga in a banana-na

yippity yo cooking show

Turkish Superman

Male and female singer