mai 302010


This Sunday Web Review is video only. Animals, son & dad, reporters, ad on TV, and CCTV footages. Have a good Sunday !

Cette  revue du web du dimanche ne comporte que des vidéos. Il y a des animaux, comme toujours. (Que serait le web sans les chats et les chiens ?). Et il y a des reporters. Et aussi une pub. Et même un flashmob suisse. Et j’oubliais le clip le plus mauvais de l’histoire mettant en scène un père et son fils. Bon dimanche !

  • Videos/Videos

Cat vs Snake

A Swiss flashmob protest of nuclear power plants

Sky Smith & E – Take Me home . It is a Son and Dad duo. (music and video produced by Sky).

Hair Conditioner

News Reporter Blooper

Kung Fu Bear

Boston Terrier Vs. Kitten

Cereal Killer Kitty

Scary! Massive waves on huge road bridge send Volgograd drivers asphalt surfing

Snowboard Girl 1 year old

Horse Race Caller Loses His Voice!

NBC – Mark Potter swallows a flying bug – hilarious

avr 182010

revue web review chien dog man sheep

Les volcans islandais ont peut-être annulé vos vacances. Vous êtes bloqué dans un aéroport et vous venez de tomber sur cette page. Tout n’est pas si sombre puisque vous allez pouvoir lire la meilleure revue du web de la semaine. Et je vous souhaite un bon dimanche.

Welcome to the Sunday’s Web Review. This week it should please you as much as last week… Hopefully. Have a good Sunday !

  • Press Articles/ Articles de presse

Girl Wins Stinky Sneakers Contest [Oddity Central]

British Arctic Survey team woke up to find a giant ice crack had opened up right underneath their tent [DailyMail]

Evil Clown hired for stalking [Metro]

Braille pornographic magazine launched for the blind  [Telegraph]

  • Vidéos/Videos

Tonto vs The Tail

Midwest Meteor

Goats Sheep Surfing

water billboard installation that was in Paris

Office Base Jump

blinky leds smiley face

Hand Music

Dog fighting and chasing its own shadow

Crazy Dog Man

Failed karate / taekwondo punch

mar 282010


Sunday’s web review is back. Sorry for last Sunday, but I wasn’t expecting to be away from my computer. This week, everything is back to normal.Have a good Sunday.

Voici la revue du web du dimanche ! Je suis désolé pour la semaine dernière mais je ne m’attendais pas à être loin de mon ordinateur. Peu importe, tout est rentré dans l’ordre. Bon dimanche !

  • Press Articles/Articles de Presse :

Iceland: the world’s most feminist country [Guardian]
Amazing pictures of Earth captured by one man, a balloon and his compact camera [DailyMail]
Iggy Pop retires from stagediving [NME]
Students discover a new species of dinosaur [Newslite]
an interview of Christopher Poole, Founder of 4chan [Bits]
Life in the world’s first upside down house (just don’t use the toilet) [DailyMail]

  • Websites/Sites Web :

Try this Computer Power test ! Amazingly accurate !

  • Videos/Vidéos :

George W. Bush shakes hands with Haitians, before wiping it on Bill Clinton’s shirt.

elk calf likes playing in puddles

Unbelievable fight sequence and Unbelievable Hair sequence

The Coolest Bird On This Planet

Panda gets mad at stick for making him fall down

Extreme handshake

Pigeon Ping Pong Clip

Where’s the water?

mar 072010


    Sunday is eventually here, and I’m sure this web review will cheer you up. Have a good Sunday !

    Je suis assez content de cette revue du Web, des articles en anglais désopilants mais en anglais, un site Web trop lolo, et des vidéos trop bien. Bon dimanche !

    • Press Articles/Article de presse

    To charge or not to charge: what newspapers can learn from airlines [Editors]
    More than 5,000 Australians strip on the steps of the Sydney Opera House in the name of art [DailyMail]
    Christ’s Crucifixion Nail Found? [Telegraph]
    Pizzeria worker sees Jesus in sauce bucket on first Friday of Lent [TheTimes]

    • WebSites/Sites Web

    You must have a look at  Trololololo

    • Vidéos/Videos

    Japanese Ukulele duo

    Japanese TV commercial

    treadmill footjam

    Koala tickle

    Talkin’ Japanese Cat

    Human Beatbox and Insane Sound Collage Mash-up

    Dogs in slow-mo catching treats

    Exercise Ball on Treadmill Faceplant

    fév 282010


    Sunday Bloody Sunday, at least there is a good Web Review to cheer you up today. You won’t regret it ! have a good Sunday !

    C’est enfin dimanche ! L’heure de la revue du web vient de sonner et au menu, des vidéos exceptionnelles, des articles à couper le souffle et des sites web invisibles. Bon dimanche.

    • Press Articles/Articles de presse

    The Last Four Minutes of Air France Flight 447 [Spiegel]

    Winnipeg teachers suspended after ‘lap dance’ goes viral [NationalPost]

    « Headless Body in Topless Bar » Killer Denied Parole Again [Gothamist]

    I quit. In the most spectacular way possible. [SomethingAwful]

    The Death Star found in the Galaxy [TheSun]

    Businessman to paint over Banksy artwork ‘because he doesn’t like art [Telegraph]

    Shot Woman saved by breast implants [Ananova]

    • Videos/Vidéos

    Flying bread !

    Commuter Pigeon Goes to Work

    Pakistani Officer Funny Clip

    Underwater Boxing Match

    Cat Elevator

    Jack Russells vs. Sprinklers, watch till the end, it’s cute

    Dog smile after eating

    A luxurious kitty massage

    Boss run into Glass Door

    fév 212010


    I’m glad to inform you that all the videos in this Sunday’s Web Review can be watched by the youngest of you. Enjoy your Sunday.

    Dorénavant, les vidéos de cette revue du web du dimanche pourront être vues par tous les yeux, même les plus innocents. Je ne vous promets pas que les vidéos seront compréhensibles par les plus jeunes, mais elles seront au moins toutes visibles sans crainte. Bon dimanche.

    • Press Articles/Articles de Presse

    Pour les français : il n’y a qu’un seul article mais c’est une merveille du genre, un article expliquant c’est qu’est le forum de discussion anonyme 4Chan. Cet article s’intitule : Patch Rectificatif : Fixed 4chan ignorance issues ou « 4chan pour les nuls blogueurs français ». [ReadWriteWeb]

    30% of women in US military are raped [BBC]

    Man claims fiancee hid beard under niqab [Gulf News]

    A Doctor gave an elderly patient two left feet by fitting the wrong artificial limb has been struck off [Ananova]

    Robber Tries To Hold Up Closed Bank [Ananova]

    Chatroulette’s Creator, 17, Introduces Himself [NYT]

    Your dog is going to Tweet ! [LATimes]

    • Seen on the Web

    Price of of an illegal Download versus price of Death !

    • Websites/Sites Web

    Babies with laser eyes

    ShadyURL : Don’t just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening

    • Vidéos/Videos

    mosquitoes being killed by lasers (Star Wars Death Star Laser shooting at mosquitoes)

    Dancing Guy is a leader, he starts a party by himself

    Smiling Cat

    The praying mantis is real, but it is hungry enough to try to catch and eat the cursor.

    Pipe Cutting Fail : not so smart man


    Weather Man Attacked By Pelican

    Ziggy the baby cat

    fév 142010


    Hey this web review has only press articles and videos ? Yes but they are all great. And don’t be such a bum, sometimes, I have to do other things too. Enjoy.

    Oui, cette revue du Web ne contient que des articles de presse et des vidéos. Mais qu’elle est bien ! Au lieu de râler, regardez un peu !

    • Press Articles/ Articles de Presse

    Star Wars laser successfully destroys ballistic missile [ZDnet]
    F*ck You, Google [Gizmodo]
    Americans Like Gays More Than They Like Homosexuals [NYMag]
    Man Invents Chastity Belt for Dogs [MyFox]
    Haiti man rescued after 27 days in quake rubble [Guardian]
    Thief hides out in police station in badly-thought out plan [Metro]
    A millionaire is giving away every penny of his £3 million fortune after realising his money were making him unhappy [Telegraph]

    • Video/Videos

    Human labarador

    Real-life Superman pushes car out of the way of an oncoming train.

    Music in public school

    A very strange way to play the Guitar in Botswana

    Thank Ewe

    fév 072010


    Voici déjà la meilleure revue du web que vous pourrez trouver sur ce site. Au programme : de l’insupportable, du géniale et du perturbant. C’est toujours bon d’être un peu dérangé dans sa routine. Bon dimanche…

    The best web review you’ll find on this website !  This week, here are a load of crazy websites, articles and real WTF stories. Did I mention there are videos too ?

    • Press Articles/Article de presse

    Turkish girl, 16, buried alive for talking to boys [Guardian]

    Pakistani ambassador rejected because his name is NSFW in Arabic [FP] He’s a dick ;)

    Who Killed More People in the Bible? The Devil or God? [Dwinddling in Belief]

    A fat, flightless parrot who shot to fame after attempting to have sex with a TV presenter’s head has been appointed a ‘spokesbird’ by the New Zealand government. [Metro]

    Pet owner killed by dogs after saving them from death [Yahoo]

    A two-year-old boy chained to a lamp post to stop him getting away. [Dailymail]

    Groundhog Day : Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter [Telegraph]

    Le jour de la marmotte ! [Geo Ado]

    The French have the longest manhoods in the EU! [Bild] or biggest mouth

    • Picture of the week/Photo de la semaine

    Attention : Cette photo montre un homme avec une mulette dreadlocks. Oui, vous avez bien lu : dreadlocks + Mullette.

    Warning : Picture of a man with Dreadlocks and a Mulet !

    • WTF

    This is the reason you want to browse Internet on Stealth mode according to Google

    You Can Shave the Baby !?

    Real stories : When Animals Attack… With Weapons! [Asylum]

    The Worst seat during the Grammies [Grammy Awards]

    • WebSites/Sites Web

    Lady GaGa or a Figure Skater?

    Deep Black Hole

    Siblings or dating ?

    Pain pack

    Crying Wife

    Google With Kittens

    • Videos/Vidéos

    Tyra Banks Talks to Women With Two Vaginas  !

    Coolest job in the world…NOT

    Electric Company-the « lick-a-lolly » song

    Andes Teletransporter

    Drinking and driving on a russian beach

    Ugly Furniture