jan 142011

A nice video with  a pretty neat Rube Goldberg machine to promote Google Science Fair Experiment.

Introducing the world’s first online global science competition, the Google Science Fair! Google has partnered with CERN, LEGO, National Geographic and Scientific American to create a new kind of online science competition that is more global, open and inclusive than ever before. Students aged 13 – 18 from around the world are invited to enter and compete for awesome once-in-a-lifetime experiences, scholarships and real-life work opportunities. Sign up today at google.com/sciencefair.

Quand il y a une jolie machine de Rube Goldberg (une machine très complexe qui effectue une action simple) je ne réponds plus de rien. Cette vidéo contient donc une machine de Rube Godberg redoutablement hypnotisante mais elle sert aussi à promouvoir une compétition en ligne ouverte aux 13-18 ans férus de science.