déc 012009

This short film is about Don the cockroach which plays in the house, and does things cockroaches do. Or may be it is not about Don, may be it is about something bigger than a cockroach. Maybe it is not the good animation  ? Or maybe it is really about Albert Einstein ?

Terry Gilliam was 28 at the time and if you are attentive, you can recognize all his main themes in this short 8 minutes movie which is as absurd as innovative.


nov 142009

This is a good watch for English Speakers. Sorry French lovers. This short is fun and well done. It won many prizes and the script is great. You’ll spend 7 minutes with a smile on your face. Have a good watch…

You thought your neighborhood was weird. Welcome to Glossbrook.

Winner 48hr Film Festival 2009 in Richmond VA for film team COMMON HERD.

Winner: Best Film, Audience Award, Best Directing, Best Costumes.
Honorable mention: Best Editing, Best Acting, Best Sound Design, Best Musical Score.

Un bon petit court-métrage sur les milices citoyennes censées rendre les quartiers plus sûres. Par contre, il est en anglais.

Shot on RED, HPX-500.
Edit in FCP, Crimson, Redcine.

Neighborhood Watch by MONDIAL CREATIVE LABS


août 092009

Here is Jim Carrey, Eric and Ramzy (2 french actors), in a short movie entitled Pecan Pie, directed by Michel Gondry. The story of that short movie is as amazing as one could expect from Gondry :

A man (Jim Carrey) in his pajamas drives in a bed that moves like a car, while singing Elvis Presley’s « Pecan Pie ».

I just love the moment when Jim Carrey is on the bed, dancing. This short is only 1’24, you have no excuse for not watching it.