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The Nine Inch Snails, a spoof of the band Nine Inch Nails, appeared on episode 206 of Muppets Tonight.

Two of the snails appeared in A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa as mail carriers. they were cut out of the aired version, but do appear in the extended DVD version and in the deleted scenes. Gonzo calls one of them for Kevin.[Muppet Wikia]

Une parodie du groupe Nine Inch Nails avec des escargots (Snails). C’est un peu pareil que Nine Inch Nails, mais en plus lent.


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The Swedish Chef is trying to make a Popcorn Shrimp, but instead he makes a tune you can’t forget. Yes, you got it. Yes this tune is from Gershon Kingsley. Wanna hear it again ? Are you sure ?… It’s below then.

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