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A song about our Sun sung by NASA scientists.

Une chanson (sous-titrée en anglais) sur notre Soleil chantée par des scientifiques de la NASA. Oui, en plus de réviser votre anglais, cette chanson est éducative.

The « Chromatics » is a unique, high-energy, a-capella vocal band that delights audiences across the country. Originally formed in 1993 at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the Chromies wrote and produced their astronomically correct songs, a project they call AstroCappella. Performed in this video, « The Sun Song » is among their many compositions. One of their CD’s has even flown in space!

The Chromatics are an a professional cappella group, which started at Goddard Space Flight Center and sprung out of the Centers drama group called Music and Drama (MAD). There are 3 GSFC employees in this group who are astrophysicists working at Goddard…..Padi Boyd, Alan Smale, and his wife Karen Smale. Theyve sung locally and at many Goddard events. They have several CDs, their own website……and write many of their own songs.

« Thank god that Joe Jonas has this many free time!!! haha. »- Medivalgirl

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